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    Electronic Manufacturing Services for the Middle Market

    The EMS middle market is comprised of customers with low to medium volume EMS requirements. Typically, but not always, their requirements involve a number of products with widely different volumes and quickly changing demand.

    AMI serves this market with its proven and long established end-to-end service portfolio, which extends from materials sourcing to PCB assembly to box build to final packaging to finished goods warehousing to distribution and end-customer order fulfillment.

    Thus, AMI’s complete range of services mirrors the offerings of the EMS industry’s global giants, who, contrary to the needs of the EMS middle market, specialize primarily in high volume, low mix EMS requirements.

    And it compares favorably to the far more limited services offered by the bulk of its other competitors -- about 2,000 mostly mom and pop operations – whose services, contrary to the needs of the EMS middle market, are almost always limited to PCB assembly.

    AMI is customized for the EMS Middle Market.

    Scaled for the Middle Market

    AMI’s middle market credentials are striking. Consider the following:

    • AMI services customers of all sizes with its sales per customer ranging between a few thousand to mult-million dollars.

    • AMI annually builds in excess of 100,000 top-level systems. These assemblies encompass hundreds of unique products and the quantities produced range between one unit and thousands units.

    • Half of AMI's job sizes are highly customized with production quantities of less than 50.

    • AMI sources and procures about 5,600 materials SKUs from hundreds of suppliers and has over 10 million pieces of material on-hand.

    AMI is the right size for the EMS Middle Market.

    Costing and Pricing Advantages

    AMI builds from its middle market credentials to consistently meet the demand of its customers to make more money. Consider the following:

    100 Per Cent Employee Owned: Innumerable studies prove that ESOP companies are about five per cent more efficient than those with traditional ownership structures. Thus, aside from the other benefits of employee ownership, AMI’s cost of personnel is advantaged accordingly.

    Structural Cost Advantages: AMI is located in Maine, where, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, the hourly median wage for AMI’s industry is the lowest in the nation.  Additionally, housed in a repurposed mill complex, AMI's facility costs are significantly less than our Boston-area competitors.

    Margins and Markups: These and other advantages enable AMI to solve the apparent contradiction between the business requirement for sustainable profits and the customer demand for lower prices. Although AMI’s margins and markups are about the same as its competitors, these escalators are applied to a meaningfully lower cost base, thereby translating into prices that are almost always lower than its competition.

    AMI is the best choice for the EMS middle market.

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