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  • Mission and Background

    AMI’s mission is to achieve broad acceptance and recognition as the supplier of choice for the $20 billion EMS middle market.

    Rather than the strategic whim of the moment, AMI’s commitment to the EMS middle market has been persistent and long standing.  For proof, consider these excerpts from AMI’s June 2000 business plan.

    “…AMI, unlike any company in its industry, has customized itself to the needs and the requirements of the middle market of the electronic services industry.  By so doing, it has achieved substantial success by being highly disciplined about what it does, how it does it, and whom it does it for.

    …as the Company’s competitors customize themselves for the top tier markets, AMI is taking the contrarian approach by customizing itself for the multi-billion dollar market that is being left behind.

    …that’s why AMI is working with select customers to gradually add incremental layers to its service portfolio until, down the road, AMI offers a proven middle market version of soup to nuts service, one that is likely to be the first and only of its kind.”

    The Making of a Company, June 2000, Winthrop, Maine

    Today, over ten years later and with more than twice the sales and its best in class scope of services, AMI is well positioned to become the supplier of choice for the EMS middle market.

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