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    AMI is an established and accomplished player in the electronic manufacturing services industry, which over the next decade is expected to grow at double digit annual rates.  

    That means AMI will continue to add positions for high potential entry level personnel and for high capability technical, administrative, and executive personnel.  All such positions are posted on, along with associated descriptive information and instructions.

    Since AMI is serious about outperforming its competition, it’s especially intentional about attracting and developing an outstanding workforce.  Three of its means for achieving that end are summarized below.

    100 Per Cent Employee Owned:  AMI’s employees think and operate like owners because they are owners.  Since each employee has a serious personal stake in the long term success of the company, the collective corporate result is superior day after day responsiveness to customer needs and requirements.

    Meritocracy:  Befitting a company of owners, AMI uses meritorious performance as  the sole criterion for employee retention and advancement.  This approach has a produced a refreshing employee culture that measures its achievement and satisfaction through corporate performance. 

    AMI Institute:  Consistent with AMI’s commitment to meritocracy, the job of AMI Institute is to facilitate employee development and advancement.  All employees complete a common core curriculem and then, in concert with their mentors, pursue a continuing series of advanced position specific and career specific learning modules. 

    AMI is an equal opportunity employer.

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