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    Taken as a whole, AMI’s features offer compelling evidence that AMI is the right size and the best choice for the EMS middle market.

    Customized for the EMS Middle Market

     “AMI’s scale and scope is a good fit for customers with requirements ranging from a few thousand to a few million dollars a year.”    More 

    Comprehensive Capabilities

    “AMI levels the playing field by offering the same portfolio of comprehensive capabilities offered by the multi-billion dollar giants of its industry.”    More

    Custom Solutions

    “AMI’s over 20 proven capabilities are used to build effective custom solutions for almost any EMS requirement or opportunity.”    More

    100 Per Cent Employee Owned

    “AMI’s employee stock ownership program provides its customers with meaningful financial and operating benefits.”    More

    Structural Pricung Advantages

    “AMI stands shoulder to shoulder with Adam Smith, sharing his conviction that customers have an insatiable demand for lower prices.”    More

    Globally Accepted Standards and Systems

    “AMI is an accomplished player in the global economy.”    More

    Made in the USA

    “For most middle market customers the best soucing strategy for Sold in the USA is Made in the USA.”    More

    Made in Maine

    “AMI is located at the crossroad where the lowest labor costs in the world’s largest market intersect with a local workforce highly skilled in the electronics industry.”    More

    Experience You Can Trust

    “AMI’s experience provides its customers with the critical benefits of mitigating downside risk and leveraging upside opportunity.”    More

    AMI, with its powerful set of customer-directed features, is the right size and the best choice for the EMS middle market.

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