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    AMI’s service offering is what you would expect from an industry giant

    When it comes to outsourcing, the bottom line reality is that middle market customers need the same set of comprehensive capabilities as upper market customers. Business is business, and the underlying requirements and opportunities are essentially the same, irrespective of scale.

    Yet the parallel truth is that for middle market customers the availability of comprehensive capabilities from a single supplier is in short supply.

    Thus middle market customers are in a constant state of compromise. And so they are forced to leave money on the table – unrealized efficiencies, unmet opportunities – due directly to the limitations of their suppliers.

    Examples of this unhappy circumstance include the excessive expense of compounding margins resulting from extra links in the supply chain; lost sales and increased capital investment resulting from lengthened time to market; and the inevitability of periodic disruptions in product flow and product quality resulting from dramatically increased opportunities for error.

    In contrast, AMI levels the playing field by offering middle market customers essentially the same portfolio of comprehensive capabilities as those offered to upper market customers by the multi-billion dollar giants of its industry.

    AMI’s service portfolio developed and evolved over 20 years by the company being thoughtful and entrepreneurial relative to customers’ unmet service opportunities, and by the expanding demands of long term customers that, given their experience, saw in AMI a company capable and eager to add more value on behalf of its customers.

    Of special import has been a Fortune 500 customer that outsourced all its work – worth hundreds of millions of dollars – to the multi-billion dollar giants of AMI’s industry. But over time, largely as a result of the school of hard knocks, it began to switch more and more of its lower volume, variable demand, higher mix work to AMI. And because it had no reason not to, that customer assumed and expected the same portfolio of comprehensive services from AMI as it was used to receiving from its giant, global footprint suppliers.

    And so AMI stepped up repeatedly until, a dozen or so years later, the scope of its capabilities is now as broad and as comprehensive as any that can be found in its industry. As important, the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of each capability has been tested and proven in fierce Fortune 500 global competition, and each such capability is deployed daily and routinely on behalf of one or more AMI customers, both large and small. Everyone benefits.

    And the icing on the cake is that along the way AMI frequently turned out to be more agile and responsive than the industry giants, so a few of its well proven everyday capabilities, like full-BOM kitting or VMI maintained and operated inside the customer’s own ERP system, are available from AMI and no one else.

    AMI, with more than 20 proven broad scope capabilities spanning all the essential requirements of materials, manufacturing, and logistics, is the right size and the best choice for the EMS middle market.

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