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    The central conviction behind AMI’s strategy and success is that the EMS middle market is poorly served by AMI’s more than 2,000 competitors.

    For starters, consider that the high speed, high volume lines of AMI’s largest competitors – comprised of about 50 companies, like Jabil or Celestica, with annual sales ranging from $250 million to over $20 billion – are a terrible match for the variable demand and lower to medium volume manufacturing requirements that characterize the EMS middle market. 

    Next, consider that the service portfolios of AMI’s remaining 2,000 or so competitors – mostly low volume mom and pop companies – are focused primarily on building PCB subassemblies, which means that these companies, despite their protestations to the contrary, don’t come close to providing the full-product end-to-end manufacturing services that the EMS middle market needs and deserves.

    In contrast, AMI’s complete portfolio of electronic manufacturing services mirrors those offered by the Jabil’s and Celestica’s of its industry.  These companies and others like them, with their phenomenal breadth and depth of services, are capable of building virtually any electronic product.  And so is AMI.

    Add to this the critical fact that the full and complete scope of AMI’s core manufacturing competencies, in direct contrast to those of the industry giants, is directed exclusively to customers with variable demand and lower to medium volume EMS requirements.

    AMI is the right size and the best choice for the EMS middle market.

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