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    UL Certified for Processed Wire & Wire Harnesses

    UL Certified for Processed Wire & Wire Harnesses

    Cable and harness assembly is the first capability that separates full service outsourcing companies from PCB assembly houses. After all, except for very few products, without cables or harnesses there is no box build, no final assembly and test, and no distribution and fulfillment.

    AMI has a full complement of automated wire processing equipment and automated crimping presses.  Our cables and harnesses department is also UL certified for Processed Wire and Cable Harnesses.  This means that AMI can deliver subassemblies bearing a UL label allowing OEM’s to incorporate them into their UL listed assemblies.

    Irrespective of current requirements, middle market customers usually benefit by selecting an experienced full service supplier that can meet their expanding needs as they grow and as their outsourcing strategies change. The unhappy alternatives include switching suppliers in midstream; paying for the education of a current supplier while it learns a new capability, such as cable and harness assembly; or suffering unnecessary supply chain inefficiencies and compounding mark-ups as the supplier outsources an important portion of the work that its customer has outsourced to it.

    AMI’s cable and harness assembly services are deployed both as an integrated component of its box build and final assembly programs and as a stand alone service.

    AMI, with a full complement of expert cable and harness assembly services, is the right size and the best choice for the EMS middle market.

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