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    Coating & encapsulation can provide protection from moisture, electrical insulation and mechanical strength

    Conformal coating and encapsulation, also known as “potting”, protect electronic products from harsher applications, provide incremental structural rigidity, and, in some instances, reduce materials costs. These attributes are particularly appropriate for products used outdoors or in extreme physical environments, such as at sea or in heavy construction.

    Given the variety of process challenges and the costs of specialized equipment, most suppliers to the middle market don’t offer conformal coating or encapsulation services. And among those that do, many simply outsource the work to smaller, specialized firms, thereby adding an additional link to the supply chain, which creates margin stack-up and invariably slows time to market; adds the opportunity for finger pointing and one-upmanship between suppliers; and confuses the chain of accountability.

    In contrast, AMI offers a full and complete portfolio of expert conformal coating and encapsulation services, including proven proficiency in processes that use environmentally neutral substances.

    AMI introduced conformal coating services in 1997, and today either encapsulates or applies conformal coating to many of the products we produce. Within its variety of processes are computerized robotic applicators for selective coating; programmable meter mix encapsulation equipment; and alternative curing ovens and conveyor applications.

    AMI, with proven and broad capabilities in coating and encapsulation, is the right size and the best choice for the EMS middle market.

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