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    Final assembly and test, sometimes known as “box build”, enables customers to leverage the financial benefits of outsourcing to a substantially higher level, including the achievement of dramatically reduced infrastructure requirements, smaller and faster turning inventory, and quicker time to market.

    Most middle market customers – unlike their major market counterparts — restrict their outsourcing to PCB subassembly, thereby running the risk of compromising their core strengths in product design, customer support, and market development with the incessant and unyielding day after day operational requirements of procurement; receiving and inventorying; and product assembly, testing and packaging.

    Adding insult to injury, these non-core activities consume scary amounts of limited capital and are usually performed at relatively high expense, given diseconomies of small scale and that the core capabilities of most middle market companies lie elsewhere.

    A principal root cause is that few suppliers of manufacturing services offer proven and comprehensive capability in final assembly and test. Most such suppliers, especially mom and pop companies under 50 employees, focus almost entirely on building PCB subassemblies and, although some might list box build as a core competence, those claims too often are birthed from corporate aspiration rather than from true appreciation and understanding of the intricacies of final assembly and test. Few, if any, middle market companies can afford to risk their business on a supplier’s learning process.

    In contrast, AMI offers middle market customers a complete portfolio of Fortune 500 proven final assembly and test services. These services involve over a dozen highly flexible final assembly lines with capabilities ranging from relatively basic devices with plastic snap-together enclosures to complex rack mounted products that require high degrees of custom configuration and system integration prior to final packaging and shipment. A recent example of the latter variety was a security system ordered by the U.S. government and built by AMI for installation in the White House.

    As important, AMI has the necessarily full and extensive procurement capability and experience to support its final assembly and test services. The materials required at the box build level, such as sophisticated metal enclosures with challenging paint, graphical and structural standards, are available only from substantially different supply chains than those that support electronic components and other PCB subassembly materials.

    AMI’s box build services today involve over 200 unique products including end of line product configuration for high variant application specific and customer specific environments. In addition, AMI employs stock buffering and other finished product management systems to ensure that product flows are consistent with variable order flows.

    AMI, with proven expertise in final assembly and test, is the right size and the best choice for the EMS middle market.

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