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    Final packaging and labeling — the process that follows final assembly and test and is preparatory to distribution or order fulfillment — readies the product for presentation and delivery to the next user.

    Depending on the application, this process combines critical elements of marketing, product quality, warranty and returns management, and end-customer training and satisfaction.

    Sometimes final packaging and labeling involves little more than a standard cardboard box and a shipping label that gets the product safely and accurately to the next user.  Other times it involves inclusion with the product of four color manuals, instructional CDs, and a variety of auxiliary products and materials, both purchased and made; it involves packaging within packaging that starts with a multicolor point of sale product package which is encased in a custom engineered shipping carton that, with such features as crush absorbing end caps, meets rigorous drop test requirements; and it involves high end labeling that incorporates a plethora of product-specific traceability information and ensures smooth passage and consistency with the variety of tariff and other export-import requirements and disclosures.

    For many applications the cost of final packaging and labeling can run 20 per cent or more of product costs.  Yet, especially for middle market customers, these costs are essentially overlooked by EMS suppliers.  For example, there might be much ballyhoo over hard won savings of 10 cents on an IC, while five dollars of low hanging fruit in packaging costs is left to rot in the sun.

    For these and other reasons AMI provides its customers with a full complement of expert final packaging and labeling services.  Moreover, it has the experience and capability to make good on the cost-down opportunities typically associated with packaging and labeling.

    Just as important, AMI commands the supplier expertise and resources  to save money for its customers, including long standing relationships with packaging engineers specializing in corrugated materials and a wide variety of print houses, ranging from small low volume speciality concerns to large regional players that work with Madison Avenue agencies to plan and execute print campaigns for Fortune 500 internationals.

    AMI, with proven and comprehensive expertise in final packaging and labeling, is the right size and the best choice for the EMS middle market.

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