AMI Hires Workers; Invests in New Equipment to Support Growth

WINTHROP, Maine – Alternative Manufacturing, Inc. (AMI) announced that it had recently increased its number of employees from 50 to 64 and began a second shift to keep up with increased demand for the company’s electronics contract manufacturing services. They have also purchased and installed additional equipment for manufacturing printed circuit board assemblies to increase their capacity in producing customers’ products that are used in a wide range of high-tech electronics.

AMI’s Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Scot Story, attributes the new growth to a sustained focus on diversifying their customer base and a commitment to providing exceptional customer service that meets and exceeds expectations. “We see ourselves as our customers’ partners in their businesses, whether they are start-ups or well-established companies looking for a turnkey solution for electronics manufacturing.”

The addition of a second shift and new workers is a welcome milestone for AMI, who had to reduce its workforce in 2010 when the recession pushed a major customer to pull back some of its business to its own production facility. Since that time, AMI has expanded its customer base and predicts additional growth in the near future. “We are seeing a strong shift in manufacturing back to the U.S. and a rebound in the economy, and given our location to the high-tech base in the Boston area and proximity to major east coast markets here and in Canada, we’ve have been steadily adding new customers,” noted CEO Kim Vandermeulen.

The new positions are primarily equipment operators for the circuit board assembly machines. These new employees join AMI as part of a 100% employee-owned company. “Studies, and our own experience have indicated that employee-owned companies have staff that are more committed to the bottom line, and help keep those businesses in local communities,” noted Vandermeulen. “The majority of our workers, new and old, live within about 15 miles, and we remain committed to providing good jobs for Mainers and doing business with many other Maine companies, so we can all grow stronger together.”

The new machinery provides additional automated circuit board assembly equipment, which brings added capacity and increased precision to AMI’s capabilities. Steve Martin, AMI’s vice president of manufacturing, states that, “with our focus on providing contract manufacturing services that can respond to a very diverse set of customers and products at any given time, the added machine capacity and additional shift make us even better positioned to meet the needs of low to medium volume customers.”

About AMI:

Founded in 1989, and 100 percent employee-owned, AMI provides a wide range of electronics manufacturing and support services to original equipment manufacturers across a diverse range of high-tech industries throughout the Northeastern U.S. and Canada.

From printed circuit board and wire harness production to product assembly, packaging and distribution, AMI’s ISO-9001 registered and UL-certified operations supply contract electronic manufacturing solutions that are custom crafted for both Fortune-1000 and start-up companies alike.

AMI’s Maine-based facilities and workforce of dedicated employee-owners enable an operation that responds and adapts quickly to customer needs for new product introduction, engineering design changes and fulfillment. AMI offers transparent, competitive pricing and builds partnerships with customers that contribute to long-term success.

The company’s work can be found worldwide in building security systems, solar energy equipment, aircraft instrumentation, industrial laser controls, LED lighting, industrial weather stations and a host of emerging products from high-tech startups. More online at: