AMI remains in operation as Essential Business during COVID-19 outbreak

Effective March 25, 2020, Governor Janet Mills issued an executive order for the state of Maine that all non-essential businesses and operations in Maine close their physical locations that are public facing. Maine has designated industrial manufacturing as an essential business. Further, AMI is considered part of the essential critical infrastructure defined by the Department of Homeland Security based on the services that AMI provides for its customers in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, defense, and security sectors.

AMI will remain in operation in its Winthrop, Maine facility. Preventive measures as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control are in place including frequent hand washing, social distancing, disinfection of work areas and equipment. Visitors are currently not allowed into the facility to minimize exposure risks. Customers should direct inquiries to their designated Program Manager at AMI or the general number, 207-377-9377.