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Examples of AMI in Action

Cost Reduction

Challenge: A customer with an automotive aftermarket product needed a housing to protect custom electronics on their printed circuit board assembly. They had found an injection molded solution that required custom injection molding tooling.

Solution: The team at AMI identified an off-the-shelf part that met the customer’s dimensional and performance requirements.

Result: The customer adopted the proposed solution. The tooling lead-time was eliminated and part cost was reduced from $3.00 per unit to $0.17 per unit.

Process Improvement

Challenge: An Internet of Things (IoT) customer was rolling out a new product with a humidity sensor that required special processing as it was a non-wettable component. A no clean flux was specified. However, when environmental testing was performed, the sensor passed at 30% and 70% humidity, but failed at 90% humidity due to issues with the non clean flux.

Solution: AMI contacted the relevant component and solder paste manufacturers to determine the best options. Design of experiments (DoEs) were performed on prototype runs to determine the best choice.

Result: The new flux passed the 90% humidity environmental test.

Speed and Flexibility

Challenge: An existing customer with alternative energy products had a product with an aggressive product development cycle. The unit is extremely large and involves significant electromechanical assembly in addition to printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) manufacturing. The product introduction cycle was so short, they wanted assembled products concurrent with the design process.

Solution: AMI created a video simulating the actual assembly process in volume to help the customer determine how best to have the housing they were shipping to AMI packaged for protection during transport and the most efficient unpack. AMI began building prototypes without a firm quote as the design was still in progress, tracking labor hours and material cost.

Result: The customer has the product they need and pricing for the production build is being finalized.

Customer Documentation Support

Challenge: An aerospace customer that was new to the AS9100 requirements levied by its customer requested First Article documentation packages.

Solution: AMI prepared these voluminous data packages, which provide inspection reports and traceability information on the material components, as a service to this small company. Additional services such as bill of material (BOM) scrubbing have been employed to minimize later schedule disruptions as quick-turnarounds are regularly necessary.

Results: The customer is achieving their business objectives, as this documentation is enabling them to meet the requirements of their major aircraft manufacturer customers.

Test Engineering Support

Challenge: A medical customer requested complete testing of its printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), prior to final system integration. They had provided a rudimentary test fixture, but it was incomplete and not suitable for the demands of a production environment.

Solution: AMI overhauled the test fixture by completing wiring, replacing PCB interface connectors and making the fixture ready for production use.

Result: The new fixture performed above and beyond the customer’s expectations.


Challenge: An energy sector customer had a product family with highly variable demand. Their original solution had been to do final product configuration at their facility. However, this option required them to employ technicians for very low volume custom builds, which often didn’t fully absorb the technicians’ time.

Solution: The customer and AMI discussed this and the customer provided a change sheet which listed all the variations from the base product. AMI developed a pricing option based on technician time spent on configuring product to order.

Result: AMI’s ability to provide a CTO solution eliminated the need to support this low volume custom build with in-house staff.

Improved Inventory Turns

Challenge: An industrial equipment manufacturer was building a product in China that logistically was a poor fit. They were having to buy large lot sizes in China and, as a result, were also having their customers buy larger lot sizes.

Solution: AMI worked with their team to determine their demand patterns and build on an as needed basis. AMI was able to deliver bi-weekly, whereas the Chinese supplier had been providing a quarterly shipment.

Result: The customers on hand finished goods inventory was reduced from 12 weeks to 2 weeks, substantially reducing their carrying costs and adding flexibility to their customers’ delivery options.


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